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ATHENA Cost Savings

Apart from the dramatic increases in readiness provided by ATHENA, the program will also provide a substantial cost savings for most agencies.  By outsourcing readiness oversight there are a number of maintenance, purchasing, and oversight tasks the agency will no longer have to perform.  While savings will vary by agency, we have established a model to provide at least a rough estimate of the total program costs of ATHENA versus the traditional purchase model.  The agency utilized for this analysis is a 50-75 officer municipal police department who is hosting five different ATHENA capability modules.  The agency estimates that a “typical officer” costs them approximately $125,000.00 per year including their benefits package.  The agency is currently spending approximately  20 hours per month department wide (roughly 12% of one officer’s time) performing tasks related to their emergency preparedness which will be eliminated by adopting the ATHENA program.  The model assumes that manufacturers pricing will increase by approximately five percent per year, that officer salaries will increase by three percent per year, and that the ATHENA program cost will increase three percent per year.  The total purchase cost of the modules for this agency is $19,306.00 and the First Year ATHENA cost is $7,875.00.  The model assumes that the agency will consume approximately ten percent of the total purchase cost of their modules per year in training and operations.  Finally, the model assumes that forty percent of the equipment (cases, batons, etc.) does not expire and that the sixty percent of the items expire in five years (i.e. less-lethal, chemical agents, gas mask filters, etc.).  The model assumes the agency repurchases all of the expired equipment in year six.



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Benefits of Athena


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